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As someone who still struggles with my own healing process, it takes a long time to find a color that works for me. When it comes time to go through my tattoos for the first time, especially since I’ve had multiple procedures, my pain level is definitely there. Most colored tattoos I’ve had, like my wedding ring, are still a lot of pain, just now I do most of the work myself. I just wanted to share the tips I found out, how to lessen some of your struggles with pain.

What are the most painful tattoo colors?

Red, pink, and purple are probably my toughest. The pain usually lasts for about 24 hours with each tattoo. If I’m in pain for more than 24 hours, I’ll leave the tattoo for some time and try and find another color or go over the tattoo. Just because the pain will go away, doesn’t mean it’s better. Having tattoos done correctly is one of the best things you can do for your healing process and getting rid of the pain.

What tips do you have to prevent more damage?

Use water. I usually rinse the tattoo with warm soapy water, let it dry for about an hour, then use a washcloth to clean the tattoo. If you’re still feeling the tattoo after 30-40 minutes of rinsing, clean it off with clean, lint-free paper, and let it air dry. If there are a lot of white spots on your hand, put a q-tip on it.

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If a tattoo goes green, try it on the right side. If there are red spots, red the tattoo on the left. If it’s red, try red on the left. Keep your eye out on a tattoo for any green spots, as they can be the least painful. The last thing you want is to have to remove a tattoo and not know it was actually a red spot.

If you have a lot of tattoo color, try and mix and match, even the darkest colors. That way it’s still the same color when dry, which is a big plus.

I’m a believer in using dry cleaning or a cotton pad in lieu of a cloths if you can. Wet tattoos don’t really dry as well, so dry cleaning may help, especially for the darker tattoos.

Can I use a moisturizer with my tattoo after the first removal?

You really want to stay hydrated! It’s easier for your body to keep your

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