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1) Dicks

2) Blackheads

3) Warts

4) Skin cancer

5) Hair cancer

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6) Eye cancer

7) Breast cancer

8) Kidney cancer

9) Cancers in the lungs

10) Breast cancer

11) Cancers in the spine

12) Ovaries

13) Ectopic pregnancy

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Quick Walkthrough [ edit ]

Speak with Tenebar, a mage of the Mages Guild. Ask to be given a room at the Imperial College. Return to Tenebar and tell him that you have found a room that will provide a perfect hiding spot. Speak to Mevyn Llethan. Learn to activate the doors to the rooms. Return to Mevyn and tell him the room is ready. You will gain points for it.

Detailed Walkthrough [ edit ]

At the Imperial College [ edit ]

You will find an Imperial College room. Open it and speak with Tenebar. He will tell you that you should head up to the top of the building.

The top floor has a balcony that gives great views of the surrounding area and the Imperial City. You may also have a view of the nearby tower that houses the Imperial City Guard. The balcony provides great concealment and is one of the few places where the player can sneak between the two buildings.

Next, turn around and head down a stairwell to find yourself at a large room that is divided into two smaller rooms, each named for different buildings: the “Hodgdon Room”, housing the College staff, and the “Dwemer Room”, housing the College-dwelling Dwemer. The rooms themselves are quite small, although if you leave the room before the Dwemer Room door has completely closed, you can enter the Dwemer Room without killing the guard there.


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