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There are various methods that you can take to remove a tattoo.

You will always have to discuss the reasons for the tattoo being removed with your practitioner before proceeding.

Depending on your current state of health it is highly advised that you consult someone familiar with tattoo removal.

Do you know how to remove a tattoo safely?

Removing a tattoo can mean removing or reducing a major skin infection. It can also mean removing a foreign object (e.g. tattoo or foreign body), which can cause bleeding or inflammation and can be extremely painful if it is not properly removed.

Aesthetic procedures are often undertaken under pain relief medication and should not be performed without the proper guidance.

What should happen when my tattoo is removed?

Most tattoo removal procedures will have two outcomes.

The first is removal – this is when the underlying structure of the tattoo is removed by injecting a liquid with a micro-fine needle into the tattoo itself (often via a procedure called autologous bloodletting).

The second outcome is prevention – during this time the original tattoo is replaced with a new tattoo of its own.

Many treatments use skin grafts or plastic surgery procedures to help reduce the size of the original tattoo, while others use tattoo removal (see below).

How does the removal process vary?

It is very important that you discuss the options for removing your tattoo with your medical practitioner.

A wide range of methods can be used to remove a tattoo, including removal of a foreign object such as a tattoo, a scar or blemish on a face, neck, body or other body structure, or for cosmetic purposes such as a tattoo sleeve.

The methods chosen may depend on what is currently in your body and, importantly, what is affecting your health, i.e. the tattoo has been there for some time and is causing certain health problems or is making it easier for certain types of infections to persist.

Some types of tattoo removal procedures involve injecting a topical medication into the affected areas, while other methods involve scraping and cleaning.

As your treatment will vary from one person to the next it is recommended that you discuss your own treatment plans with your practitioner before going ahead with what is currently working for you.

If I have a tattoo, do I still have to deal with the original one?

No. There are no strict guidelines on when it is best to remove a tattoo. This is a matter for your practitioner

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