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The majority of people will ask for the cheapest to the finest, or the most expensive, choice. I would also like to say ‘I want PicoSure!’, but it takes time for clients to understand the quality of PicoSure and, as we work on the same products, everyone can expect great results with PicoSure.

What are your thoughts on how PicoSure is affecting tattoo removal in tattoo parlors?

This is very important to understand. We know that there are so many artists operating in the industry, and most of them are simply in it because they love tattooing and art.

They have to get money for business, and they are just being honest in their way to earn that money. They do not have too many regrets because we do not have so many tattoos. We are already in some of the better tattooed centers in the world, like Miami, Amsterdam and London, because of tattoos and customers.

We do everything we have to as a company in order to keep the brand strong! We want to be able to deliver the highest quality, and we need people to give us the best service possible.

As of September 2017, there is a new PicoSure available in the U.S. and Europe. What is your opinion of this product?

This product is amazing in its effect. Its effect has increased because of the growing popularity of tattoos in the world. We are the only international brand offering this product and it has become more popular each year.

PicoSure is the only tattoo removal, that works well, and is safe for you, and the artists that work with us.

What are some of your other products that work better than PicoSure?

We do our best to deliver a comprehensive line of products that you can trust. We do not hide from being in the market and we are not afraid to offer something. In terms of the quality, we use very high quality materials to create the best products, and we continue to improve.

How do I find your shop in London?

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