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Why do you think the market for tattoo removal is so big?

One day, I got the call from a guy who wanted to get a tattoo removal done on his leg. It’s hard to get a tattoo removal done if you can’t afford the procedure.

I wanted to get a tattoo. In the past I was willing to do anything for a tattoo, but after being rejected so many times, I became more conservative.

I called him back and he said he had a number of people who wanted him to get a tattoo removal, and he would have to provide a guarantee that I wouldn’t use them. I couldn’t do it myself.

I agreed, and we waited for two days before I knew what happened. He used three fake friends, an agent, a stylist. He told me that because that’s what I needed, my client would not get a tattoo removal.

What is the biggest misconception about tattoos?

People think that people who have tattoos must have poor mental health. As if that was part of my identity and why I always put myself out there. I want to prove that’s not the case.

The most common misunderstanding is with the stigma surrounding people with tattoos. My whole body is covered with body art. Some people say it looks fake, but I feel it gives me confidence on my own body.

“I’m always on to a new tattoo trend or technique. The ones that are more interesting or challenging are what draw me.” Peter Kukulowicz, tattoo artist
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How did you become a tattoo artist?

I’ve always wanted to be a tattoo artist. My family is from Poland and I grew up in a family that could make anything out of paper.

I always wanted to be an artist. Some people might ask, ‘So when did you first get tattooed?’ Well, at first I used to be an artist before I started tattooing. My parents were very into art so they made art, painted pictures, and drew in old newspapers. This led to my decision to join the military.

How long have you been doing tattoo removal?

I started tattoo removal around 1998.

What’s your favorite tattoo removal treatment?

The best part about doing tattoo removal is that I can customize it based on my client. I was talking to a guy about a tattoo that he wants and I know what he wants. In some cases I can make him have an X-ray taken and

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