Is PicoSure the best tattoo removal? – Tattoo Removal After Healing

No, it is not (and is not even a serious contender to be #1, even among PicoSure’s rivals). But you may be wondering how they got it so right, and while the technical details are fascinating, let’s not get bogged down in the detail. I am going to focus on the fact that there is a single manufacturer in this field, and that is PicoSure. This company started out selling a product (called “Dilute”) that could “recycle” a given tattoo, but the brand has since grown to become a giant at the top of its industry.

I say “the company that started out selling a product” because it is true that PicoSure’s product is not just “recycle”, but “repurpose”, in that they repurpose an existing tattoo to be something completely different. I am a huge fan of repurposing one’s favorite tattoo—whether it be because it has a very unique look or color, or maybe because it represents a story you feel strongly about.

For example: In my wife’s case it was her daughter’s wedding wedding tattoo:

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That tattoo looks very familiar. It was drawn in the early nineties. The style and composition are just about perfect, but I still really like it. That one tattoo was a lot like a drawing that I’ve made at least four times: It was so fun to just write something new. And there I had another inspiration. Then again:

The two were drawn together (as close as I ever got to writing something from the past), and they looked so alike. So, why not just add a little color to it and make it something unique? So I did it on a tattoo that looks about half-way between “the future of tattoos” and “a classic tattoo from the past”:

I have made some tattoos before (the following ones, by the way), and my favorite is this one (and the two below that), which was a bit of a compromise (that was more about the story than the actual tattoo I was making for you):

But there, in the middle of that story, is an old one that my wife got in the late nineties:

This tattoo represents the love of my life: when we got married.

I was surprised to see how much these two tattoos looked alike—to call them “contrasts” would be an understatement. But they were not just different, but different

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