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An Ontario teacher accused of giving two students alcohol and making sexual advances while they were drunk may have a limited jail sentence.

“As I understand it, he may just get a week or two,” said the prosecutor, Scott St. Clair. “If he’s found guilty, in the end, his punishment would be zero.”

Teachers face more stringent rules when accused of sexual assault.

Sexual assault charges against teachers are more serious because the assaults affect the ability to teach.

The New Orleans Saints defense has played at an elite level during the first seven games of the 2015 season, but a lack of effort from the secondary has allowed opposing offenses to be efficient. The team was a top-five unit with a +1.1 DVOA, but in the past two games, those numbers have dropped to a -3.9 and -3.6, respectively.

With a chance to earn their first win of the season on Thursday night, the Saints head to Jacksonville to face the Jacksonville Jaguars, who have been dominating their competition in the division. A win would be a great achievement for the team, but will it make a difference in this Saints’ season? It’s a toss-up.

I’ll start with the good. While some of your “highlights” have gotten a bit repetitive and repetitive in my opinion, this game has had a lot of highlights.

As a whole, the Saints defense has been extremely good. They’ve allowed 13.5 points per game, but those totals are much worse against some of their weaker opponents. The defense has also allowed just 8.1 points per game to the pass and have done so the same amount of time without the ball against the run, which is a huge boost to their success rate.

Offensively, the Saints have been quite good. Their offense is actually much more efficient than the defense when looking at yards per play and DVOA. Brees has thrown for more than 10.5 yards per attempt and he’s also finished games with more than 300 yards and seven touchdowns.

The biggest issue for the Saints is the defensive front. A few weeks ago, I touched on just how many “dink and dunk” plays the Saints were having last year. In Week 8, only four plays were successful. That number dropped to zero on Thursday night, but it wasn’t because of any

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