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Can the same tattoo heal after being applied for 10 years? What is the optimal age for removal? What happens to the body after removal? What is a normal range for healing?

This is a very common question. In general, when a tattoo is removed, the pigment will settle to the surface of the skin and the tattoo will begin to fade. Many people do not have long lasting scars, and these can last for more than 50 years.

A tattoo with a blackish base might have an area of white color that fades after about 8-10 years, and the tattoo will not take on any more colors.

In contrast, a tattoo with a white base will fade rapidly over the years. Sometimes the entire tattoo will fade almost entirely without an ink flow, but other times the ink will still flow. When the ink is no longer available, this type of tattoo will usually be completely faded, losing color and pigment completely.

An example of a black tattoo that’s not completely faded is a simple, round, black star. When the tattoo was applied 10 years ago, the skin would not have been able to absorb the ink, so it faded quickly.

But what if the tattoo was applied in a different time period? The area would be very dark and a little lighter, which is the case with almost every tattoo. If the tattoo was reapplied in a different time period, even in that very dark area, it can still fade.

There are usually three stages of tattoo healing:

1. the original ink can no longer be absorbed, and the tattoo is removed

2. the base pigment vanishes, and the tattoo can take on as many colors as desired

3. the pigment is absorbed in the blood stream and the tattoo is able to stay on the skin

The first stage is usually the one that is the quickest, but that can be a very painful experience for some. It is important to know that the tattoo itself will not be damaged, so the ink is just transferred to the surrounding skin.

If your tattoo was damaged in a medical condition, it might take up to 10-12 work days for the healing process to complete. You should always consult your doctor before you begin tattoo removal procedures. After you have the tattoo removed, it is possible to apply a new tattoo as a temporary measure.

If you have lost a tattoo or have found a damaged one, please contact us for help.

What the tattoo removal procedure should look

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