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There are three ways. Let me explain: First, using a needle is very fast (one hour to remove a black tattoo from your arm). Second, is using a needle to clean ink off the skin using soap and water. I would not clean my tattoo area using soap and water because I’ve tried that on several occasions and it’s simply not reliable. Third is using a tattoo removal cream, which I used before to remove a black tattoo. That was not effective at healing even after 10 months, so I decided to try the cream again since it came in a little bottle. I used that one every month for three months before I stopped using cream!

Are there any side effects of removal? The only side effects I’ve noticed have been redness.

For what do you see in the results after four years? I see that the skin on my arm has completely been healed. I feel the skin has never looked so clean or healthy.

What do you do during a process of removing a black tattoo? I use a water soluble ointment once a week and apply that to the tattoos, removing both ink and skin. I wash my hands afterwards and the ointment will not leave a residue.

Was it hard getting a tattoo? Yes. It was difficult for me to find a place to do it, so I used the public bathrooms. For people who find it difficult, you can choose a tattoo removal company that has an appointment at a local community center.

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The Supreme Court on Friday ruled against three transgender people who challenged their state law outlawing sex-reassignment surgery, saying no law in the United States, even one that bans it, can be read to “bar a person from serving in the military on the basis of sex.”

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The court unanimously declined to consider the appeal by two lesbians who sued over the New York law in 2010, arguing that the law was drafted to discriminate against them and the hundreds of thousands of others who have had the procedure while in the military.

Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote the opinion, a rarity for a same-sex marriage decision. The case was brought by three soldiers, all men who had been discharged for taking hormones for gender reassignment, and whose federal lawsuit accused the state of discriminating against them. Justice Antonin Scalia wrote an identical opinion in a 2010 case on the same subject, the case being consolidated with Lawrence v. Texas.

The case is the

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