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A short and straight story I found is on YouTube: Black Tattoo Removal. It took two years, but I removed mine! One thing is for sure though, if you don’t want to have black tattoos, be prepared for their removal very soon!

Do black tattoos leave any scars?

In every case a black tattoo will leave some marks, and I think this is because the pigment is not fully removed.

The majority of them are tiny and do not bother me one bit!

But as a tattooist I know what it feels like!

So, how can you get a black tattoo without going under the knife?

There are several things, first of all, you should not go in for a full black tattoo, unless it’s to be permanently added. Once it’s done, I use a cream to put it back on, so I don’t want the ink to get any darker. I use dark colours, usually black, to make it more dramatic.

Secondly, black tattoos need to be removed in the privacy of your own home. So, you can see them, but in a clean room where no one can see them. It really doesn’t make any difference to me. It’s all about aesthetics anyway.

Which black tattoo removal clinics are best for black tattoos?

Unfortunately it depends on the tattoo, but these are the ones I’ve found:

Aubon Tattoo in Los Angeles Los Angeles

Aubon Tattoo is located in an industrial area, and can’t fit more than 20 people, but a group can be arranged.

They charge $50+ per session and do everything individually, with your own skin being removed – so no needles allowed.

Check out their site:

Paint Tattoo in New York New York

Paint Tattoo is also located in an industrial area and can accommodate a minimum of 30 people.

The prices are a lot better.

They can also do a full on black tattoo which costs $300+, and the whole process requires two weeks.

Check out their site:

Meadow Park Tattoo Bar New York Brooklyn

Meadow Park Tattoo Bar is located on the Upper East Side.

They have a nice range of services, and a comfortable environment.

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