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You’ll begin seeing better skin around weeks after treatment.

What kind of results do you get from Taser?”

The best results are usually within 3 to 6 months.

“I just received a Taser, what’s the difference between it and a taser?”

Tasers have more than a dozen different electrodes that are spaced around the body and are applied to the skin. The difference is the speed with which they send shock into the tissue. A Taser does a lot more damage to the body than a taser, in one second. You might have to be hospitalized if you’re hit with this shock for too long.

Why take Taser? Do not use Taser until you’re ready for it. It is not meant to be used lightly. Use a Taser only for as long as needed, if at all possible.

Troubled student accused of sexual harassment

BATON ROUGE, La. – The Louisiana Department of Education has suspended an elementary educator for allegedly sexually harassing a 12-year-old female student.

An investigator sent home from school on Friday said the teacher was allegedly sexually aggressive with a class assignment and asked the student to pose nude for photos.

On Wednesday, DPS said the teacher had been placed on administrative leave, but only briefly.

DPS spokeswoman Jennifer Hamm told CBS affiliate WWNO the suspension was unrelated to the alleged harassment.

The child’s mother said the teacher told her she planned to take advantage of the 12-year-old’s shyness in order to get an A on an assignment.

The mother told the station she is not surprised, but shocked that the teacher would do this.

“It’s just kind of shocking to know that somebody was that bold to ask a child to do something like that. Why would they do that in the first place?” she said.

The investigation began after the mother confronted school administrators by phone with images of what she said was inappropriate pictures and videos of the student.

School district officials told WWNO’s Bob Price that it’s clear there needed to be a change at the school, and that the teacher would face termination.

“Our primary concern is the children and their health and safety. We are going to continue to work to ensure that a solution is found that addresses the problem of inappropriate conduct in our schools.”

A total of 27 school employees took part in the investigation.

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Some of the students have

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