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After a tattoo removal, there is little, if any, visual change at the tattoo removal site itself. A good friend of mine, David, a former tattoo removal surgeon, said that if you were to walk by and notice that the tattoo is gone, you would have no idea that it was still THERE. So this really depends on the process. Most people will need tattoo removal at least a year after their tattoo removal to see any lasting effect, so even the shortest tattoo removal process lasts a very long time.

What is a permanent tattoo removal procedure?

A permanent tattoo removal procedure is when the ink of the tattoo is removed with the help of a surgical instrument that is specially designed to remove the tattoo. This procedure may be of different kinds. One which is mainly used for permanent tattoos is known as an ovoid perforation. When the tattoo is removed, the tattoo material is stuck to the ovoid end of this surgical instrument which leaves the remaining pigment intact. It then begins to be removed at different stages of the procedure with the help of instruments that are designed to remove only the desired portions of the tattoo.

The most commonly used ovoid perforation is the laparoscopy. This is a very quick way to remove the tattoo. Another common way of removing a tattoo is with the use of a laser, which is another way of removing a tattoo but requires a more powerful laser that is required for a laparoscopic procedure.

This is an overview of what permanent tattoo removal means and what it entails:

What is permanent tattoo removal?

Before the tattoo is removed, it must first be removed from your body. There are four common types of permanent tattoo removal methods (of which there are many other types):

Ovoid perforations

Procedure name Ovoid perforations Procedure Description Laparoscopy Laparoscopic laparoscopy (left) Procedure method Laparoscopy left Procedure location

Ovoid perforations usually require a laparoscopic laparotomy with a specially designed instrument. There are two kinds of laparoscopy that are useful for tattoo removal, the laparoscopic laparoscopy (laparoscopic laparotomy) and the laparoscopy with subcutaneous (sub-lampus) contrast agent.

Laparoscopy with subcutaneous contrast agent The laparoscopic laparoscopy (laparoscopic laparoscopy left) procedure is the less common

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