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We recommend the best laser technology for your specific tattoo condition with the following options:

The Surgical Laser (SLC1-D)

The 3D Laser (SLC3D) + 4D Laser

The 3D-Sighted Laser (Laser for the Blind) + 4D-Sighted Laser

The Laser Dilation and Extraction (LIDAR)

Or the SLC1-D and LIDAR.

If you need more laser technology, don’t hesitate to get a referral from our doctors or experienced professionals.

Or visit us in Seoul, Korea, where the top tattoo removal surgeons are based and the most experienced tattoo removal laser specialists.

Read more about our Laser for Tattoos for our customers’ feedback on the products above.

The best tattoo removal laser is the “Surgical Laser”. It is more efficient and can even remove more tattoo ink by stimulating blood vessels to heal the tattoo completely.

The 3D Laser removes tattoos and the LIDAR is able to look through the tattoo to make it visible.

Or visit us in Seoul, Korea for more information about the 4D Laser and 5D Laser.

The laser can remove tattoos that are over 3.5cm in size or bigger, in particular large blood vessels in the tattoo to ensure tattoo removal. But, it can also remove the tattoo from the surface to make it look like normal skin.
Eyebrow Tattoo Removal Saline

5D Laser is able to remove larger tattoos and covers up the tattoo ink with a layer of transparent ink. 5D laser is a very popular laser because it is less painful than lasers of other technology.

Or visit us in Seoul, Korea for more information about the 5D Laser and 6D Laser.

The best tattoo removal laser is for people who suffer from a high blood pressure, obesity or any type of skin disease. This laser can also help heal some broken scars.

Recommended by our customers:

– 1. Laser for Tattoos (SLC 1) to remove all tattoos

– 2. SLC 2

– 3. Laser for Tattoos (SLC 2+-LIDAR) to remove tattoo ink

– 3.4D SLC 4D to improve visual detection of tattoos

We hope you have enjoyed our best tattoo removal laser. You will find the results shown on each page in the table below.

We are proud to announce the release

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