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Tattoo removal scar isn’t really the same as scar or “scarring” since scars are made up of the underlying skin. The fact that tattoos are made of the underlying skin of the face is very important to note. Even if you don’t see a tattoo (usually, the same size as your eye is a common result of the damage of a tattoo), the scar is likely to be made up of the underlying skin.

A tattoo removal scar will typically be located on the lower edge of the nose, cheeks, or cheeks of the eye (just below the bridge of the nose) and the lips (or lips) under the eye. They may also be in the corner of the mouth. They cannot be on the forehead.

Tattoo removal scar can be caused by a couple different problems. First of all, many people with tattoo removal scars have a skin type, pigment profile, or other personal characteristic which predisposes them to infections. Another problem is that scar removal scar is often a part of the result of surgery, where the skin usually has been removed. The skin under the tattoo removal scar needs to be removed or it could not allow for the healing to take place.

Because scars are also caused by various conditions, your doctor is likely to look for different factors as well as your personal history. So it is important for you to be aware of the things mentioned on the following pages and talk to your doctor about the following issues and questions.

First of all, you may want to know exactly why you need this procedure, and what kind of scar removal is needed.

Is the scar removed?

Once the surgical procedure of tattoo removal is confirmed, there will be a scar that is made of the underlying skin of the area as well as your lips. The scar is usually around six to eight centimetres long and usually around 2 millimetres thick.

How long will the tattoo removal scar be?

Your scar will stay there for about five years before it may fade or disappear. However, it may reappear at a later (or same) time. If your scar lasts for five years or more, or if the result of the scar makes it visible even when you are not wearing any makeup, do not rush in getting the tattoo removal scars taken out as it’s very important to be seen with the tattoo removal scars removed.

Some people who have had tattoos removed have said that scars can come back, with or without surgery, even with

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