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(a) The scars on the skin are only removed on a skin care regimen. The skin will become more visible from the inside out and will not look as good as normal. (b) If you experience a skin blemish or scar, it is recommended that you seek medical attention first, after the tattoos have been removed for a period of time.

Does tattoo removal remove scars?

We recommend that you consult with your dermatologist regarding a specific tattoo removal procedure. To find out if it has removed your tattoo, visit our Tatt Removal Center .

As the sun rises in New York City from the east at 5:30 a.m., it’s hard not to feel a little bit like David Bowie—a little bit more.

Bowie was an avowed fan of New York City, and his New York City presence is what makes the current year feel all the more magical, both before it and after. Here are twelve Bowie moments that won’t seem so strange any longer:

1) The New York City Subway

Bowie used his time in New York as a launching pad for his career. From 1980 to 1983, he made a short film in the subway, then toured through the city. He never performed on the subway, as he felt it could ruin his stage show. But as it turns out, the conductor did have Bowie’s photo with him in the audience. But in fact, the conductor and the conductor’s partner were both former members of the Grateful Dead. That’s the kind of magicalness that Bowie has always had in spades, whether he was performing live or just at a party.

2) The New York City Underground

Bowie took to the streets of New York to stage his 1989 tour. He also got into some local trouble while doing so, which he made into a documentary for HBO. (The film even includes a reference to the fact that Bowie sang in local bars throughout New York City, with the city’s police cracking down on the performers as they moved from place to place.) That’s kind of what it seems like he did every year, too. Bowie took some big risks in the name of artistic expression—he was arrested a mere four times while in New York City, but it seems like they never stopped.

3) The New York City Subway Map

Bowie is a big fan of maps. (You’ve heard the quote by now.) And what better way to communicate your music in New York City than with a

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