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Does this tattoo removed with lemon juice and milk, will this person get a tattoo or other medical problem?

(Answer to question 1 – no)

(Answer to question 2 – yes. The skin is more sensitive and sensitive to changes in the pH. This means a little lemony juice can take the edge off.)

(Answer to question 3 – yes, a lemon could help remove a small amount of a tattoo. Some tattoos have been removed when a little lemon juice was put on the wound.)

(Answer to question 5 – yes, lemon juice can remove a tattoo.)

(Answer to question 6 – yes, a few drops of lemon juice can stop a tattoo.)

(Answer to question 7 – yes, a tablespoon of lemon juice can restore a tattoo. Use a little lemon juice to apply on the wounds.)

(Answer to question 8 – yes, a small lemon can be a good moisturizing medicine. Apply a small lemon on the small spot to make it more tender (and less prone to bacteria).)

So now you know how to find out if your tattoo will be a big problem if you use lemon juice. I know some of you are now wondering, “Why is lemon juice bad if I have one little tattoo of my own, why is it ok to use lemon juice on scars, why is my scar in my left eye healed, why is my tattoo ok, why is my nipple healed?” It is important to remember that a little lemon juice is not as good as a lot of juice is. (Answer to question 1 and 2. Lemon juice can take the edge off. Lemon juice will remove a small amount of a tattoo, using a little lemon juice can take the edge off a couple of small marks. The bigger a scar is, the harder it is to heal without treatment. Tattoos can be tricky because they are very individual. What you need to know is if you have a small mark and your tattoo can be healed with lemon juice, what is the best way to get around it. Answer to question 3, 4 and 5 answers.)

(Answer to questions 3 – yes! A little lemony juice can be an ok moisturizing medicine. Using a little lemon juice can restore a tattoo, but using a lot of juice will really remove a mark and it will be permanent. A small amount of juice should be enough to take a tiny patch away.)
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Is a little lemon juice bad for your face, or your eye? (

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