Does hydrogen peroxide fade tattoos?

Most of the time when clients ask about fading tats, the person giving the advice (e.g., an orthodontist) is telling them to use an antibacterial to kill the bacteria before using a bleach solution. The problem with this approach is that it doesn’t work for everyone. Some people’s tats already appear darker. Some tats are faded by using too much bleach. Some tats are faded by using any type of bleach. The end result can be that when the bleach goes on, the skin becomes irritated and red, leaving it more susceptible to bacterial growth. A solution is needed to fade tats.

A bleach solution consists both of a water solution and a solution that removes carbon dioxide from the air. The solution is added to an antibacterial solution that contains potassium permanganate. This process is done to kill the bacteria that causes infections. So, in essence, the bleach is killing the bacteria that causes infection on the skin.

To date, the antibacterial method has been the most common bleach treatment for tats, and it’s the method used by the most experts in the field. Some practitioners recommend using just a small amount of bleach so that there is no buildup of the bleach in the area. However, even a small amount of contamination can cause skin irritation and inflammation.

If the use of a solution that isn’t specifically specifically designed to kill microorganisms has you suspicious about using a bleach solution, you can try applying a non-antibacterial solution for one hour before the bleach. For many patients, this will help remove the bacteria and restore the health of the skin.

So if your client is getting a tattoo that appears too dark, you’ll want to look into removing or minimizing the dark areas of the tat. It’s possible to completely eliminate the infection by using a bleach solution, but it’s more time intensive and a little complicated. You can also try using the method described below.

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A study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism has found that the use of a certain medication (Dantrolene) can increase the risk of gallstones, a common disease of the lower gastrointestinal tract.

There’s one question I keep hearing about from patients and practitioners alike, however, “What about gallstones?”