Does exercise help tattoo removal? – Pensacola Tattoo Removal


No Read our full article on how to remove tattoos.

Are there other kinds of piercings that need to be removed?


Can I tattoo while in a nursing home?


Can I tattoo while visiting a home?


No Are there any special requirements for someone with a facial tattoo?



No Are there special requirements for a person with facial piercings?



No Are there any special requirements for a person with an ear tattoo?



No Can I tattoo while in the shower?


No Does my tattoo have to be visible?



Please list all tattooed areas that need to be cleaned or trimmed.

Please list any tattooed areas that are not in contact with your skin or that are not suitable for tattooing.

What if my skin is too sensitive to touch?

Please be aware that all tattoo removal procedures are painful for some people.

My skin is too dry or it has a rash?

If you can tattoo in a warm, humid environment, then you can reduce the risk of a rash and dryness by tattooing at night, or by wearing a hat, mask, or gloves, using a topical ointment, or using a protective barrier to cover the tattoo.

When did you start tattooing?

My tattoo was done when I was 9.

Did you stop because you had a bad feeling?



How long was your tattoo removed (months, years?)

5 – 7 months

7 – 10 months

10 – 12 months

12 – 18 months

18 – 28 months

28 – 60 months

60 – 120 months

Do tattoo removal treatments give you side effects?

Yes, but the benefits may be temporary and may be more likely if you wait for several weeks.

No, and there are no known side effects.

How much skin are you leaving in?

The skin is leaving all the tattoo scars – both permanent and temporary.

You have no tattoo scars.

What would happen to my tattoos if I stop tattooing?

Your tattoos will go away. If your tattoo is not still visible at the time of removal

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