Do you have to be licensed to do tattoo removal?

No. You can remove a tattoo for any reason without a tattoo removal license.

How much can I tattoo on a skin?

There are no minimum or maximum tattoo thicknesses, or the thickness of tattooing. The tattoo artist can adjust the size to meet your needs.

Is tattoo removal permanent?

Yes. Tattoo removal surgery can be done.

Where is tattoo removal done?

Tattoo removal will be performed by a local, licensed tattoo removal surgeon.

Is there a way to get more tattoos removed?

Yes. If you have the money and know how to pay, then getting more tattooed can be a very good idea. If you want to get tattooed for less, then it is more money and time intensive than tattoo removal can provide.

Will I know my tattoo will be removed when I get it?

Tattoo removal is a quick and easy procedure. There are no follow ups or complications to worry about. The tattoo artist will explain how to remove your tattoo.

I have a tattoo. Can I have it removed again?

Tattoos can be removed from any skin and all areas of the body are accepted.

Can I have a tattoo removed without a tattoo removal license?

Yes. You will need a licensed tattoo removal professional who can remove any tattoo.

I need a tattoo removal service. Should I go online or call?

You might get the same tattoo again. If you want to be certain that your tattoo removal is a one-time tattoo removal, then you might want to contact a tattoo removal professional. If you need to get a tattoo removed more than once, you may want to consider a local, licensed tattoo removal studio.

Can I get more tattoos removed at the same time?

Yes. You can go online and sign up for more tattooed before you get it removed. There will be a list of tattoo artists available for you to check out.

Do you accept tattoo removal for non-alcoholic, non-drug related skin damage?
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No. Most tattoo removal cannot repair skin damage that is caused by a drink or drug, even if using a professional tattoo removal physician.

Does this work for my hair?

Yes. The natural pigment in your hair will absorb the ink removed from your skin. You would need to see your tattoo removal surgeon to see if the tattoo will need to be removed, but it