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It’s been a while since we covered one of the most important games in esports yet: the MLG Fall Championship. The tournament consisted of eight teams that played out a round-robin, best-of-three series over the course of a week. This is the most important team tournament in the world to most of the esports scene, both here and around the world. If you missed the MLG Fall Championship, you can check out all the details and live streams here.

The MLG Fall Championship will be coming up in less than a month. As one of the biggest teams in the esports scene and the strongest in North America, Dignitas will be attending. A lot of people are wondering why the team would ever miss that opportunity. This is probably one of the biggest reasons to watch the Fall Championship: in order to be at that level, you need to be able to play against an NA/EU team consistently.

There are many reasons to come attend an event like the Fall Championship or any other major event. With teams as good as Dignitas attending it can be exciting to watch them play out their matches and watch the players that can do it. Having access to that level of competition (and having a team as talented as Dignitas that is also in attendance) really increases the excitement and the hype levels of the event.

Dignitas have a few players that have been making their name over the last year, most notably:

MickieCharm – A member of the NA LCS team NRG, MickieCharm became the best player in NA LCS this past year. MickieCharm came in strong on the EU side as well, making some fantastic runs throughout the year. MickieCharm was the most impressive player throughout the fall season, and he’s the reason Dignitas can win.

FnaticTrux – While he did not make an appearance at the Fall Championship, FnaticTrugx has been one of the most impressive players in Europe after stepping in right away in October. FnaticTrugx took a team that was already strong in the EU LCS and made them even stronger. While he lost some of his effectiveness early on at the Fall Championship due to his teammates taking over, he still finished the split strong with a fantastic split and great performances in the playoffs. His impact on both Dignitas’ victories and defeats