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There’s no evidence that having tattooed skin can lead to skin cancer. If anything, studies show that the skin is actually more resistant to cancer than it once was. It’s been well-proven that there is no significant relationship between tattoos and getting skin cancer. So if you’re worried about getting cancer from a tattoo, it’s not as though you have anything to worry about because there’s nothing that you have to worry about.

After receiving the award today for best video, an American student and a Syrian student were among some of the first students to go to Syria to witness the impact of war and its effects, reports The Post.

The two young Syrians, both 17-year-old girls, were invited to the lecture by Syrian-American University’s Director.

“As Syrian students, I was impressed by the fact that we Americans will try to understand Syrians and they will try to understand Syrians,” one of the students, who gave her name as Nadia Al-Asnaweel, told The Post.

She added that she and the other student were “pleased” with the event, which was organized by US State Department’s Bureau for Cultural Affairs.

Another student, who did not wish to be named, told The Post this was not the first time the couple had reached out to her.

She added that after visiting Beirut in 2011, when the country hosted the Arab Spring and several events were planned to coincide with events, she heard about “an attempt to encourage young people to go to Syria.”

“We had a couple of discussions with the Americans and we were told they were not interested in coming here,” she added.

However, with news of the attacks in Paris last Friday, people who knew of their plans, such as two teachers who visited their classes, wanted to help.

The boys had not decided exactly what they would do in Syria and had yet to decide whether they would go with the family or not, the teacher added.

“It was a small group,” the teacher added.

She said that in her 10 years teaching English at an American private school in Jerusalem, she had never witnessed such a big group on the campus, with several dozen students, who were not students there.

“I heard about the situation and my heart broke,” she said.

Another student, Mohammed Jaffre, 19, had the same feeling and decided to travel to Syria to help others who were going there,

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