Can black tattoos be fully removed?

Yes, black tattoos can be fully removed.

Can you choose a tattoo artist or tattoo provider?

Yes, you can choose the tattoo artist or tattoo provider.

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A woman in Oregon has filed charges after finding out she has cancer, and the cancer has metastasized, to her neck.

Samantha Mays, a mother of three who is not identified from a press release, shared her “reasons for being diagnosed” on Facebook Tuesday.

Mays is from Eugene, Oregon, which makes sense, given the area’s history with cancer. The Oregonian reports that approximately 30 percent of those diagnosed with cancer in Eugene were from the area.

Although she had had cancer treatments for several years, Mays had had the cancer, the Oregonian reports, for about three months. Her body was found in a field in northern Oregon three weeks ago. She had been diagnosed with breast cancer and an inoperable brain tumor.

Her family said Mays was working full time at a food service job in Eugene.

According to a post on their Facebook page, her cancer has already grown to her brain, a significant problem. She doesn’t understand how to be a mother in an “imperfect” world. Her daughter is about two years old and she’s “overwhelmed” with stress about being a single parent.

“I have no other options,” Mays posted on Facebook. “I want to feel like an ordinary human being again.”

According to Mays’ family, in July, she asked her doctor to send a scan of herself to the local Mayo Clinic to determine whether treatment was successful during her last round of chemotherapy. The doctor rejected that diagnosis, saying it was too early to know whether any of the treatment had been effective, KTVZ reported.

In response, Mays went back to the doctor.

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The Washington Post recently posted the findings of its ongoing study of voter attitudes in the presidential race. Here’s my summary:

1. Hillary Clinton’s lead is narrowing in the polls, as more Americans see her as a viable alternative to Donald Trump.

2. People are saying that Donald Trump is not honest and trustworthy, but not that he