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We, in the past (2013-02-02, 10:43), had the unfortunate and unfortunate situation of not knowing what the current state of the industry was. We did not know that there had to be a move away from the single screen model/viewer and toward a multi-screen solution (which is what the current consumer device market trends are), not to mention a move away from high cost products into cheaper parts for entry level/budget phones. While we know from the initial “Android on Mobile” project that we would be a better fit as a “second screen” device, we had assumed that the move to a dual screen environment would be a gradual and incremental one, not a massive and sudden one.

However, just a few days ago (January 2nd, 2014), in the most recent issue of the Android Weekly Newsletter, Chris Savino, who is in charge of Project Ara, came out and made it clear that a move was coming. Specifically,

“Today… we’re starting to roll out an Ara system-on-chip for phones, and… we are in the process of going through the FCC process, and then we’ll be able to make that product available to the market at the beginning of next year.” “I’m sure you can understand, this is a huge, huge change. It’s not just about phones, it is about a whole new platform. If you start using your Android phone in a more traditional way, and you really care about having those great experiences, or if you want to use another one of your favorite apps on your phone, then you’re going to have a huge difference.”

Savino goes on to explain that this project was actually started in September 2013 to try to do things that were never done before in mobile and that the goal was not only to create something amazing but also to “make a change in what we do.”

In that particular interview, Chris Savino’s statement that this project was started to try to “make a change in what we do” made sense, but as we can see in the latest email, Chris Savino also went on to explain that this device would not only be a complete rewrite of the Android OS but also an entirely new architecture and implementation. This is a very important point and an important part of what is making the move in what is going to be the next big thing of mobile.

What I would like to touch upon here is the “system on-chip” (SOC)

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