Can a tattoo be surgically removed? – Picosure Laser Tattoo Removal Second Treatment Accutane Generic

Yes, we have been able to do this! Tattoo removal surgery is now a standard treatment for most people. If you have a severe case we can do a bilateral procedure, where we remove the entire tattoo. If you do not want your tattoo left behind, we can make a tattoo removal sleeve that keeps the tattoo from spreading to the skin.

What is the best way to wear a tattoo?

We think there is nothing cooler than wearing a tattoo. In fact, we have invented a custom designed tattoo sleeve designed strictly for the person wearing the ink. We have even provided a special button to let you know when your shirt is done and you are ready for more work.

What if I need an emergency tattoo removal procedure?

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If you are having a life threatening medical condition or you are being treated for a serious injury, we can quickly assess your tattoo and find out if you need to receive an emergency treatment, surgery or even a new tattoo treatment.

If you are not feeling well then you will not be charged a fee. All care is provided at our facility.

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