Can a tattoo be surgically removed? – Chase Chrisley Tattoo Removal Before And After

A tattoo does not grow back or can be completely removed if it comes in contact with metal or another hard object. This can be done with lasers, chemical treatments and other surgeries. Before deciding to have the tattoo removed, patients and their families need to talk to their doctors first.

Some treatments are reversible. For example, surgery can remove the tattoo and put it into a permanent fashion, or it can grow back as long as there is no more material left.

How are tattoos treated?

Some tattoos are removed surgically, but this is usually after consultation with your doctor. Your doctor will ask the patient what they want done, what the long-term implications will be, and what complications they are most concerned about, such as bleeding.

Some tattoos need to remain in place when they are removed because they are uncomfortable or painful, if there is infection, or if there is a strong scarring (see side effects).

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