Why is scalping illegal?

Because, if you like, you can’t get it in the door without being a lawyer or an accountant.

The laws against scalping were put in place by the government, because otherwise people would just take their business to places like Amazon or Etsy. Now, there are a lot of legitimate businesses online. So they can’t afford to get in there and do this kind of business without paying taxes. So there’s no reason for them to do this.

It really does have to come out of the pockets of the customers. There was one guy here with a house in California’s Monterey County—a beautiful beach community—whose business did not survive when he decided to sell his house.

He got in a fight with the local sheriff’s department. And when they found his house, they said he had to knock it down. And he’s now stuck in jail.

Another guy in Los Angeles just got busted after stealing $10,000 to sell his house to a friend. And now I’m here talking about my home. I’ve got a great family here. I’ve got my whole family here. My wife’s been helping me take care of them. I’m here just to help my friend get out of trouble. My friend’s family is all over here with us.

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So I was like “We can’t pay for this. Why is this happening?”

So then a couple years later, I went to visit my friend’s parents on his birthday. He showed me his house. It had been broken into. He had gone out on a vacation—I don’t know how many times I’ve seen him on vacation. And he had been out for a while. I was going into his house on my lunch break and noticed it was not the same house I had been to when I was a kid.

My friend’s parents were having a party in their home. They were so overjoyed to see me. It was the best day of my adult life.

The same guy had come over and tried to steal three million dollars from me—and this is my own house—while we were out having a wonderful time. No way—I won’t pay that guy any more money. My house is over. He’s got to go. So we’re here to show him.

And then I was at the party. He was standing right outside the front door. I asked him why he was there. He just said “I was there for my