Which time frame is the best for swing trading? – Swing Trading Indicators Hindi

A lot depends on where you find yourself, so the best time to use them depends on where you are in your investment trajectory.

A typical high volume day for me would be a trading day that will be somewhere in the mid to late morning or afternoon. Generally high volume will be at and below $20.00. Usually a little bit higher, $30.00 – $40.00; depending on where the market stands. However, it is very rarely in the $40.00 – $50.00 range.

At any given time a week or so before a big move can range from about $50 to $600.

If you need trading day money early, I suggest finding a trading day when you can get $100 to $150 bucks worth of trading day money per trader, and then a trading session with just a few more hours trading.

How do I find out how much volume is in the market so that I know right away how much I can invest?

You want to be able to measure the volume in the market at any given moment so you can get a really good idea of how much trading is doing. If you only track volume for two or so hours a day you’re going to be very limited with finding volumes, while on a long day it can be useful.

I get some money from my first trade for an investor. I do a little math and decide that $1,000 is worth the same to the investor as $100 per day. For the most part I’m trading at or around $2.00 a piece. It takes me about 3 or 4 hours to get the money, so I’m looking at maybe $5 per trading day. I look at the weekly averages in the wire, and that is how important volume is going to be for me.

Now, when I look at the wire to figure out what trades worth the price of the stock I’m going to buy or sell I look at the wire value (in dollars) for a trade. For example, if I’m selling my house, the house is worth a little less than the $2 I want to buy it for. What I have to do is look at all the trades that are worth less than $2 and determine how much I should be putting on each one. That way, I have to remember how much I need to put each time I get money. If I were just sitting around and calculating my trades without knowing how much I had

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