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When trading in a technical indicator the most important thing is what the moving average actually represents. In a simple moving average a single line could represent “moving average momentum”, in short it represents momentum on a simple moving average. But in a sophisticated indicator you want an average or average moving averages that tell you a lot more. An average means that at any particular time every single reference point (or time point) is moving in a similar way. You are trying to trade the indicator at a time that it would most likely move most (if any) of the time if it was moving in the opposite direction to what it has for the past 30 days.

So, if your time line has a straight line moving up and one in the direction of a rising moving average then it is likely a bullish indicator.

The next move if any after that is the direction of the moving average, if there are no other moving averages then it is not a bullish indicator, but a technical type one where you want to hold the price in the mid level.

Moving averages with steep slopes are highly over-valued and so are short-term moving averages, but they can be used as a good indicator if you know the trend.

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