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We will know in five minutes! For now, I would like to talk to you about the concept of risk taking. Risk comes in many forms and often comes in two forms. The first form is the risk that you won’t make the profit you believe in. This could be your idea goes nowhere and you feel that you should do something else that you know the money can backfire. The second form is the risk that the money you hold is not a good financial bet because of the risk in the initial investment. The first type is easier because it might happen. The second type only happens rarely. It happens often because I don’t know the way you do it because all I do is do your blog. That’s how I got started and it’s the key. Just as I said before, what I want to do is to make a bet on what is going to happen. If you have written for the previous year, you know how difficult that can be.
The way to do this is a process called game theory. Game Theory is a branch of math. It’s applied to everyday situations and is used to form models. It is a branch of math which teaches us how to think like a professional financial planner. Game theory has become the most popular branch of math, so everyone who follows this blog knows my passion for it. In this blog, you’re going to see a very simple exercise which will show how to use game theory to build a successful financial plan. As with any advanced theory, it requires learning new things over and over. There are two versions of game theory available for everyone: general game theory and game theory related to specific situations. First, consider a situation where you believe that you need to make a bet. For example, your company is going to sell a stock. You have all the research and know the risks of the stock, but you have not figured out which stocks are worth buying. Maybe you could just wait until the next quarter to invest, but what if the stock crashes? Your position is at risk! How can you build it so that you can make the best possible gamble? Game theory is the answer to that question. It is a method used to explain how you should make a financial decision based on the information available.
Example: Let’s say you know nothing about the risk of the stock, but you do see that a stock has a high upside. This is also the main reason why you want to make a bet. You have seen that there is a high chance that this stock will

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