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The University of Missouri system says the police report that was released detailing what was said in a racist chant at a football game last fall was not an accurate representation of events.

Missouri Athletics’ head athletic trainer Michael Gormley says the report did not reflect any specific action taken by the school, its university and the police, or what it has learned since the Nov. 9 incident in Columbia.

The report details the exchange of profane words with University of Missouri System president Tim Wolfe during a football game at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Missouri athletics spokesman Mike Alexander says Missouri Athletic Department officials reviewed the report a week ago and decided not to release it publicly because it did not reflect the way they viewed the incident.

Mizzou’s athletic department released a statement Friday saying it was informed in May it would likely lose the contract it had with Columbia police after it became clear they would not be able to provide an accurate account of what occurred that night.

In December, Wolfe resigned from his post as president of the university and was later reinstated on the spot.

Alexander says the university is reviewing the report and will continue to do so.

The only known female passenger on a flight heading from New York to Dallas to Chicago has died after her head was struck by a bullet while she was on the plane.

The Federal Aviation Administration confirmed Friday that a passenger boarded the plane around 1:30 p.m. CST Thursday and died. The plane, which was carrying 44 passengers and five crew members, was headed

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