What percentage of swing traders make money? – Swing Trading Strategies For Beginners Free Book

The simple answer: A majority!

If you’re one of those people who read every article of mine on data visualizations, chances are it’s because you see something in my analysis that you like or something you need in your trading strategy.

This is a good thing.

If it doesn’t work, it isn’t working.

If you can’t find it in the data, it is only the result of bad implementation (or bad interpretation).

It’s better to read the article, find the answer or learn from reading a book which covers the subject better than a visualization.

Here’s an image showing some sample trades for each time horizon from 2008.

At every time horizon, there are only 7 trades out of more than 1000.

Each one is either a success or a failure:

The trade that made me a lot of money or the trade that didn’t!

If you see a pattern when you don’t understand why it happened, go back and read the book. Sometimes that makes you smarter in the end.

It will take some time to understand the basics but I guarantee that you’ll be more successful as a trader.

Do not use a dashboard, chart in software etc.

I’ve explained why before. Read this: Trading, a guide by Brian Shortsleeve on how to beat the market.

That’s just the start.

You’ve come here for a question, a specific market, a specific trade, anything that can make you money. Don’t be fooled by dashboard in software, chart with a calculator.

In fact, never use a dashboard or any other sort of tool to do your job.

The reason for this is that your dashboard looks like a chart in a calculator and that doesn’t give you a sense of the trade or timing for example.

And most of these charts will not be informative enough for an experienced trader.

You could use a simple graphic that doesn’t tell you anything. This will cost you time and energy and may fail because some other trader (or algorithm) out there does better at picking the right trades.

The key is that you learn by doing. I strongly recommend you learn by doing when you learn more than a few trade and you learn what works and what doesn’t.

You can read the book and it will give you more. It will give you more and more trading insights and you’ll be far more profitable

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