What is considered a swing trader?

One who buys and sells stocks as a trendsetter.

A trendsetter can either purchase stock or sell stock at the same time, as can sell orders and buys orders. These three activities are often combined to avoid market interference (also called “spotting”).

You want to be careful about who you buy and sell stocks with. You’ll want to avoid “trader shorts” who buy the low and sell the high but not trade them actively.

You don’t want your stock picks to become “traders’ chips”. If you play favorites, the trader will out buy those who you do, increasing price.

If you pick stocks in the hope it will sell down (and make money) you’ll need to find a trading program that offers you the best price on these stocks, something that will make profits but also not make you unhappy.

Trading is a big part of the success of any investment strategy. Understanding it properly and making the decision to go for it is really important.

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