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A trader salary is the base salary paid to traders. It is the market-moving price of a specific stock in addition to the compensation.

Traders are highly skilled traders. They often need multiple years of experience before they reach a high-paying position.

Salaries range from $1,000 to a high $11,000.

Tips for a Great Salary

Before you start on the job, you should work on improving your financial situation. Here are some tips to improve your career and make your career in finance more attractive.

1. Consider a trading company. You can start as an employee of a trading company or work for a consulting firm who provides trading services.

2. Get a financial education asap. You cannot do this as an employee of traditional brokerages. There’s much to be learned from investing in stocks and ETFs.

3. Find a niche that has an established client base, that is not very well known, or that only trades in short-term investment products

4. Look for an investment portfolio as a minimum balance requirement for entry level positions.

5. Work on improving your reading skills. You have a chance to learn about stocks by doing in-depth analysis and research.

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6. If you have no savings, make yourself a regular ATM withdrawal account to accumulate cash and fund your portfolio.

7. If you work in the high-yield banking business, work at high-yield banking firms to increase your income.

8. Work for a broker. You would need to meet minimum standards for a minimum-wage job.

9. Avoid high-level management jobs. You can learn valuable trading techniques. The same goes for hedge funds and fund management firms. You should never be under duress from management.

10. Get additional training in a financial education program. Become familiar with a variety of strategies such as trading from a quantitative, or mathematical, perspective.

Bonus Tip: If you are the son of a financial consultant or a professor in finance, there is also a chance to get a higher salary through a college education. Be sure to look for a program that does not require loans.

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