What is a swing trade in forex?

For those who don’t know, a swing trade refers to buying US Dollars for a foreign currency (euro) and transferring the trade to another currency when you want to sell.
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A swing trade is considered a good investment opportunity when you expect the exchange you are trading to be very liquid. In this example, you would have a good chance of turning a low-risk investment into a steady growth business.

If you choose to invest in such contracts, you can look at how you can profit.

In the example above, we are using the SwingTrade platform to find the swing traders on the European Exchange. Because swing traders on the exchange are heavily regulated, we have to go through a rigorous screening process before we can buy and sell USD-Swip with a low risk.

Now we can identify some potential swing traders:

For example, the following picture shows a swing trader. His name is Martin and he is currently holding USD-Swip. To learn more about Martin, please visit Martin’s personal website and see our SwingTrade page.

When you have identified these SwingTraders on the European Exchange, it gives you one of the following possibilities:

You can create an account on the exchange and trade with them.

A high-speed trading platform exists and you are able to make a market entry right there.

A platform can be built for you and your trading activities.

In my example, I need something similar to:

A high-speed trading platform.

The platform I am looking for is provided by the SwingTraders platform. And when you are not interested in trading with swing traders on the European Exchange, you can get more info and find the same services on one of our SwingTrade platforms.

In today’s market, there are three ways to find swing traders. These are:

The European Exchange.

Another high-speed trading platform.

A swing trading platform built for you.

Before we continue, let us show you a real swing trader on the European Exchange.

Martin, the swing trader, lives in Barcelona and was browsing the online market when he noticed a trader offering his customers the lowest possible exchange rate with very low fees. Martin was fascinated to know whether this trader is real or an internet hoax. Therefore, he made a long term investment and traded for his whole life.

In the picture below you can see that Martin made a lot of money over those years. Today