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A swing trade, also referred to as a low-risk trade, involves an investor selling one security at a lower price than it was bid for. This low-risk trade can make up to half of a portfolio when compared to a high-risk trade.

Why is low risk a benefit?

A good trade can yield returns of up to 4-percent over an investment, and there are situations in which an investor can make profit even without buying a security at the lower price.

How many trades do you make in Forex?

The average investor should manage to trade every day of the year. If you need more information about Forex, I offer the following:

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What is a “Forex swing trade”?

A swing trade involves an investor selling one security that had a low bid price at its actual price, and trying to sell that stock the same day at a higher price. If the bid and ask price are still the same, it is a low-risk trade, which could be achieved by a low-risk strategy as well as one that uses a high-risk strategy.

How many swings is an investor willing to make?

A swing trade can only be undertaken if the investor is willing to take considerable risks as well as reap rewards. Depending on the nature of the trade and the investment, this will most likely be more than one trade per day.

What is the difference between a “low risk” and “high risk” strategy?

The difference lies in whether the stock prices or the prices of the assets are traded. Investors who use a low-risk strategy will buy a stock at a lower price when the stock prices are lower, and a higher price when the stock prices are higher. Investors who choose a high-risk strategy will buy the stock at the same price as the previous day, even if the stock is higher. This, in essence, puts the trader in a risk-free position, and, therefore, also allows for profit. The difference however lies in the nature of the investment. If the investor buys a low-risk product, for example by buying a small amount of shares at its initial price, and then follows up with a high-risk product for a large amount of money, then it is likely that the investor will have paid for a high-risk stock.

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