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A swing chart is a visual representation of your risk for future outcomes, expressed as a percentage of your total risk. It shows three numbers: your risk of being hit by a baseball (red), your risk of hitting a pitch (yellow) and your risk of getting sick later in life (blue).

A swing chart is often used as a visual representation of risk, and the first step should be to learn a few terms.


Risk is the potential injury to you.

A swing risk comes from a single play of a baseball game in which you would have been hit by a baseball.

An example of a risk is that you have a high batting average and strikeout rate. You hit a long ball to right that would have been caught by a fielder. You swing and miss.

A low swing risk, in contrast, is when you hit a single, a homer, or a three-run homer. You catch the ball, but the ball is too far away. The ball is thrown, but the fielder is slow.

The risk is greater for each extra base hit in the process.


Pitch is a measurement of the speed (velocity) of the ball.

A pitch is an outside fast pitch (40 mph) that is pitched fast enough to move the ball into a strike.

A strike out is when the pitcher pitches a fast pitch, but the batter does not move his hands enough to reach the ball. Strike outs take a lot of effort to get.

A fly ball (fly ball, ball in play) is a ball that does not touch the outfield wall at a specified point.

Pitch is a measure of speed relative to the pitcher; it is often a measure of how far the pitcher is from the plate.

Strikeout is the opposite of pitch; it is when the pitcher works on breaking the ball against the batter.

In a swing, a batter is working to work to get a strike out of pitchers pitching fast in the opposite direction of a pitch he is working to strike at.

The strikeout rate is a measure of the number of batters in a game that are striking out more than they should. For the purpose of a swing, a batter is out if he gets on base and it is an out if he does not.


Every one in baseball can be considered to be sick. Most injuries are of

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