Is Technical Analysis dead?

I’ve been asked a number of times what is Technical Analysis dead – or at least what are the dead techniques which are no longer useful?

“T-Shirts” and “Roughneck”

T-Shirts and Roughneck are great but as soon as you start using “Roughneck,” all hell breaks loose.

The original purpose for the Roughneck is quite simple: to protect your pants from the elements which can be quite wet during the season. What I mean by that is if you want to take a hike or hike into the mountains with a dry jacket, you’ll want to use Roughneck.

You don’t want the jacket to absorb the rain – that’s only going to harm you and the backcountry clothing that you’re wearing.

So once you’re wearing Roughneck, what does all this R-word mean to you?

Well for the most part you don’t care about the R-word; you have something better to do – like going for a long hike…

A “Roughneck” is a piece of clothing that is a bit smaller than your jacket in overall size. This allows you to put more on your legs and feet and to move around a bit better while you’re hiking and skiing. I use it for long distance hiking like the AT. I also carry it around all the time for skiing and snowboarding when I see a nice dark area from the trail up on the mountain.

I use the original definition and I don’t think anything is bad from a technical standpoint.

What about backcountry skiing?

I usually only ski backcountry when I’m going skiing in winter here in the NW. In the summer, when the temperatures start getting into the low twenties, I just carry my rain jacket – which I love…

Day Trading vs Swing Trading
Now I have to tell you guys – I get yelled at sometimes about having a “Roughneck”; it’s a bit hard to keep it clean up there when you’re trying to ski fast. And I’m sure it really does make it tough for you. But you don’t need to be a “Roughneck” to have great gear.

A “Roughneck” may be able to be cleaned up during the summer when it’s cool in the mountains, but you could also go with something that can clean up in the hot summer months. A thin sweatshirt would work well for just cleaning the sleeves but the bottom of a long sleeve should