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Should I buy or sell a stock that has split from a major rival, like Google?

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Stock split advice for individuals

It is not uncommon for people who invest in the stock market to receive a telephone call from a broker that recommends an initial stock split to them. The broker sells the stock to you at the split price (or the price offered by the new corporation), and you purchase it as an individual stock. Stock splits are generally not recommended as an alternative to long-term investing, since an initial stock split usually leads to losses in the long run.

Here are a few tips when it comes to choosing a stock split:

Don’t buy the stock at the split price. You may regret it down the road, because your stock has become less valuable as a result of the split.

You may regret it down the road, because your stock has become less valuable as a result of the split. Buy what the brokerage recommends. The brokerage may sell you a more expensive stock at the split price to get you into the brokerage rather than the individual stock. Keep your eye on brokerage rules when choosing the best stock split.

Stock split advice for corporations

If you are investing for your own profit, you can split up the shares of your company by distributing them to more shareholders than you own. Some firms even offer stock sale programs whereby customers purchase their shares, with the expectation that there will be another sale soon. To avoid this, it is important to ask what the broker offers in stock split programs. In general, this typically involves splitting shares with other shareholders.

Stock split advice for individuals

You don’t need to split your shares to reap rewards. To get the best returns, the stock should have gone up by the same percentage at the end of the split period as the previous year’s gains. The best chance of getting a good return is to buy the new stock at the split price. The risk in any stock trade is that the firm or organization may sell you the old

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