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The answer could also depend on whether you want to take advantage of the fact that Swing trading accounts are tax deductible.

Some exchanges offer tax-free accounts for individuals and for small businesses. However, you won’t pay tax on swings that are done in the context of tax-deductible transactions. You can do this by setting up a regular brokerage account that you can access by phone or by using an electronic brokerage.
What is the best course to learn options trading in India ...

LONDON — U.S. President Donald Trump told reporters in the White House Oval Office Saturday that he did not plan to stop talking about Syria and his administration’s commitment to “bomb the s— out of ISIS” as he was greeted with applause when he made the remarks.

Trump did not respond to questions after saying he was not trying to start a “war of words” with Russia and Syria and would wait for the results of a new U.N. investigation into the chemical weapons attack that took place last Wednesday in Idlib province.

“I’m not going to comment on anything. I’m not going to talk about any — anybody talking about any of this,” Trump said in his first news briefing after his first meeting of his national security team Saturday at Trump Tower.

But Trump praised Britain’s decision to send troops to Afghanistan this weekend.

“They’re actually making progress there and you’d like to see a little more of that. You wouldn’t want to see too many other countries doing the same,” Trump said about U.S. military troops. “I’m not sure we’d want to see them there like that, but I think that’s another thing.”

Trump’s comments came hours after UK Prime Minister Theresa May ordered a parliamentary vote to let the United Kingdom’s military into a base in the country to begin carrying out counterterrorism duties.

May also said that if a security threat became imminent, the prime minister, who also serves as the country’s leader, would ask the government to suspend civil liberties.

“If there is a real national security threat that can be met by our armed service men and women, the prime minister will think carefully about asking for permission to invoke Article 50 of the U.K. constitution,” May said after holding a press conference at the Foreign Secretary’s residence.

Trump also said that Syria’s ongoing government aggression against its rebellious rebels made Syria a “very, very big problem.”

Asked by reporters why he’s not talking about Russia more broadly when asked again whether he plans to intervene in the

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