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It is important to note here that the scalping industry is very profitable today. It is a highly regulated industry that is very profitable for both the investor (like the big investors I mentioned above) and broker. Most new investors and brokers see it as a lucrative opportunity. Most of these new investors want to take advantage of high returns on a high volume of dollars. For example, many new investors invest with brokers like MF Brokers and the average return on $5,000 invested with them comes in an average of 8.5%. In other words $5,000 invested with a broker costs $30.

The scalping industry is highly profitable. It has many competitors in other markets. For example, many exchanges provide a different way of payment, like bitcoin and litecoin. The other competitors are not as profitable to play with; in some cases, they lose in the long run.

Most traditional Forex brokers today still allow you to trade on margin. What would you say about this?

There are a number of different options to hedge your risk. As an example, an investor may hold a margin account on an established Forex broker. If your broker defaults in a time of market weakness, that investor cannot easily get their money back, and they are left holding the bags of their broker. The way to hedge your risk is to have many multiple positions, which gives you the possibility to invest in any currency.

It is not clear to me how much profit there will be in scalping forex if there are not that many opportunities. Even a $250,000 position with a broker of that type can make around $120,000 profit. There is no way to know for sure, so I strongly suggest investing in a broker that you trust.

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