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For a long time, it was not. A lot of people could not afford a normal wage job, and those that could not, simply did not have the skills to take such a job. There were many, many women of high standing in politics, and the economy of that era was based on selling goods produced in the cities and in factories. Trading with the colonies for a living was almost impossible.

One of our members, a famous author named Elizabeth Cady Stanton, was a woman who had spent her entire life in politics. She had become deeply concerned with women’s rights as well as women’s economic opportunities. Her work as an advocate for women’s issues in the House of Representatives brought her close to President Andrew Johnson. She believed that we, as a nation, would be better as a women’s republic if women were no longer forced to endure this humiliating trade as slaves. She said it was as if we were saying, “If you will keep this woman, she will give you something more than anything.”

When the president was assassinated in 1865, the nation was aghast at what was happening, yet the movement never went away. It was a moment when the “women’s rights” movement really went down hill.

But it is important to remember what was happening from those early days. These women were leading the way for future generations to follow. They were leading the way for women to gain the full right to make their own decisions in the workplace and in the community. They were leading the movement, and their sacrifice is a testament to the future of this country.

One of the first cases in which we tried to strike down slavery in the state was the case of Lucy Coney in Tennessee. She was born in 1794, and by 1798, she was one of four slaveowners who owned three children. She was born into this system, and as a woman, that was the way things were supposed to be.

She had had to sit as a slave on a plantation. She had had to be whipped. She had to be sold into a slave auction as a child. There is no other place in Western history that is more famous for its slave labor than Tennessee. Her life experience gave her the knowledge that her rights were being violated. She decided that the very fact that she had to sit on this plantation made her a free woman.

At that time in the nation’s history, there were some people who thought slavery was right. They did not question the

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