Is Forex trading just gambling?

You bet!

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Forex trading is all about betting on different market outcomes. It’s not the same as betting on the outcome of the lottery, say. If you are betting on the outcome of Forex currency trades you are betting against the chance that these are going to happen. You always have to take the chance that you may lose or win your money.

So you are not really gambling with your money, but betting against it. If one part of the market rises and one part falls, you are always betting, betting the other part will not rise. However, it is important to understand what is happening on a day to day basis. In reality, there is not such a fixed amount of Forex traders. It is only for those traders who can bet on a specific market outcome. Those who can do this win their money.

Is forex gambling too difficult?

Absolutely not!

You can easily lose money by getting too focused on your Forex trading. One day you will have lost some of your money to the casino. You can forget about it. If you try to think about what will happen next then you may lose your hard won money because your mind will not work effectively. Don’t focus on the current market, try to think ahead to what is going to happen and see which part of the market is likely to rise next. Do not get lost in the market when you are gambling!

How to find out Forex trading opportunities?

If you have the opportunity to buy Forex currencies then use it. However, you do not need all Forex currencies or forex trading opportunities. Look at the forex market from a different point-of-view and the more you learn the better chance you have of being able to find your niche and gain your fortune.

What are some forex trading tools that could help you find some Forex trading opportunities?

There are many tools you can use to find Forex trading opportunities. I suggest using TradingView for this purpose. However, I would also recommend that you invest some money in trading software like Cryptocompare and a Forex trading bot which then tracks and analyses your Forex trading results. This way, you get all of your Forex trading data up to date and in a short amount of time.

For a long term strategy, use Forex trading tools such as Betsafe and as they allow you to invest the whole of your monthly Fore