Is Forex trading just gambling? – Taz Stock Trading

The answers are no and no.

The simple reality of the situation is that a lot of these people are just playing the game, they aren’t “in the game”. You have to understand that these are individuals that are not “really there” or “really that good”.

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What you see is what you get – there are people that actually are very intelligent that understand fundamentals, you find someone who is very intelligent in forex. And they are doing great, in some ways they have learned that in order to make money (i.e. make any kind of profit) they need to know when to move, don’t forget you also have to be smart not only in terms of technical technical analysis but also in terms of investing overall.

The forex markets have gotten so complex because there are so many “sophisticated” and intelligent people out there. The majority of these “experts” (of which I believe there is a small percentage that is doing this for profit) can’t be considered real forex players. That is why it’s an extremely difficult thing for them to “take the game” – we have them all around the globe.

That’s not to say that this isn’t a profitable market. However some experts, some experienced people, are trying to make money. And some are actually very good at it.

The point is simply that it’s a very interesting market, it can be considered “high risk/high reward” depending on who you listen to. You have to understand that, just because someone claims to be an expert you shouldn’t make sure they are in fact knowledgeable.


There are so many factors that affect whether someone is a high risk/ high reward or not (and also a possible expert or not).

If you really do listen to me, then that is a whole lot of factors.

But I hope you understand now that I will not be offering advice to sell forex trading. You have to understand what you want to do, analyze all the facts, weigh those facts, look at all those factors and decide for yourself.

You might think it’s a risk if you want to put your money in forex for long periods of time, but if you see that this isn’t the risk you really thought you would take (because you thought the price would decline, therefore you’ll have to sell at some point) then I’m not really sure how to think about this.

For sure,

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