How much money do you need to trade for a living?

Well, at the beginning it’s just about $20,000. In a year or 2, it goes up to $250,000, then then to $400,000. If you’ve got a lot of money, you can spend more time getting more money, but it’s always nice to be rich.”

While most of his classmates go to college, Dr. McIver was a freshman at the University of Arizona. His college roommate was a fellow undergrad, Robert T. McIver. It wasn’t very often that they spent a single night together, even if two of them were freshmen, but it became a regular occurrence.

“We were very close friends, actually,” McIver explained. “We would hang out late afternoon and go to barbecues or go to a movie. Robert was the oldest and he just started going to college right after I graduated.”

The two got to know each other much better by now, and although they weren’t close friends, McIver began getting to know Robert better during summer recess. On one of these weekends, McIver decided to stop in the University of Arizona’s library. As an undergraduate, he’d had access to the library as well, as one of the first students to secure a permanent library card after he graduated in 1969.

“We got out of the car and walked up to the first door we could find where they had a nice little cafĂ© and talked for hours,” McIver recalled. “I was so interested in studying mathematics. Robert was working a second job at the time, but he couldn’t quit it.”

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For the next few weeks, McIver and Robert just sat there talking. It turned out Robert read many of the books in the library, so McIver didn’t have to read everything. They talked math all day and then went out to dinner after watching the football game. Then, they went back to the library and continued their conversation. It never ceased.

McIver and Robert never became fast friends. “It wasn’t that long a friendship,” McIver said. In retrospect, it seems that they were only friends for a week or two. McIver always thought of Robert as a friend, and had no ill feeling toward his friend.

“We were both very close friends, really,” McIver said. “Robert was the better-looking guy. He was a little better-looking than I was, but I thought he’s