How much money can you realistically make day trading? – Swing Trade Tutorial

There are many different ways to make money trading cryptocurrencies, and one way I’ve seen success come to is through the use of the Coinbase API. With the Coinbase API, all of your trades (even for a certain currency) are sent to the Coinbase API, which has a built-in trading order book. Once you have verified your credentials, you can put you order in and see it immediately trade, and you can always request your buy and sell orders.

Why do you use your personal API in this situation?

The Coinbase API is a simple way to get your bitcoin/cryptocurrency orders live. You can get an order created against your account and get orders to trade that specific order. From there, you have the option to either order the trade directly with the exchange, or make one of your own trades with the API. If you are doing trading for yourself, it’s still important to have a personal API to get orders live for you; while this is possible on other exchanges, there are certain exchanges that may not be able to support an external API. In some cases, exchanges may not support the API at all, while others may still be able to support the order book or the API itself.

Thinkorswim Set Up Tutorial for Day Trading – Humbled Trader
How much are you making (in USD)? And how much money have you made so far in a year?

If we’re taking the long-term view, it’s not something simple to just say “I made $10 million this year.” For one thing, some of the funds have come in under-reported in recent reports because investors don’t like to get a high-yield return without having a clear idea of what kind of currency they’re buying. I’ve had trades that I could have made $10 million in but didn’t, or got a lower-yield return, but a lot of the time I wouldn’t have made any profit. It’s also important to note that I’m not trading against myself. Myself and the other traders involved in each trade are getting a commission, usually 10% of the total amount traded.

What are some strategies that you feel are valuable?

I do think the most useful trade is probably the sell order that I started last December. I think it has been one of those trades that works for me the most, and also one of the trades that I know that I would never get to make (unless I made a lot of money in one place or another). My favorite buy order is just after a new block

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