How much is Tradeview monthly? – Best Swing Trading Software Rated People Login

A $9.99 monthly access and all future updates of the service are free of charge!

Why would I want it? Well, simply because it’s the only paid search solution on the market, and the price doesn’t seem to be rising any time soon. And considering we get around 10M searches per year, $9.99/month still seems fair.

If it doesn’t work for you, if you find a better solution, or if you just don’t like to be tracked, you don’t have to. You can use Google Analytics free with ad support through Google Ads Platform.

Can you make this feature free? A service which is fully integrated with your Google Analytics account allows you to access this feature without having to set up all that on your own. If you already subscribe to Google Ads, you can make tradeview free without affecting the subscription.

Where can I find it? You can find Tradeview on our website, and via the search box on the top right corner of our web site.

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