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An international consortium of researchers have successfully constructed a mini-dome for a spacecraft orbiting the moon, bringing a degree of efficiency to the space-faring technology.

The dome was made with an array of mirrors, the first of its kind to date. All the mirrors on the dome had to be extremely powerful, so that they could capture the maximum amount of light into an array of lenses, allowing the instrument to capture light from the lunar surface at the required wavelength.

“It will really bring about change in the space industry since this is a very small telescope and it is going to be very, very cheap to build,” said Dr. Jonathan D. Tarter, of the Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI), part of the University of Arizona. He is the first author of a paper describing the space-based prototype of the dome, published in the journal Optica.

The space-based prototype space telescope that Dr. Tarter showed at the 2013 European Meeting of the Optical Society held the following year, but was designed using a much broader array of mirrors than is being demonstrated on the moon now. The new prototype is, according to Tarter, “more efficient because it has been designed with the mirror system in mind.”

The new prototype dome for NASA’s Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) is much smaller than the telescope it is replacing. It contains only 40 mirrors, while the new prototype boasts 100. Unlike the previous prototype, the new dome can be built for less than the cost of a television set.

The dome would act as the mirror for the satellite’s camera.

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