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We want to make it easy for you to compete when you think you can.

We offer the following:

4 different leaderboards

20 tournaments with 6 qualifiers Each tournament is a series of 8 games to qualify and win

The winner earns a place in the top 8 of Leaderboard for each tournament

The top 8 of our Leaderboards is then invited to compete in our Open Division Leaderboards

The winner in our Open Division Leaderboard earns a spot in our Elite Division Leaderboards

The top 8 of our Elite Division Leaderboard earns a spot in our Pro Division Leaderboard

You can enter your own events in any part of the world.

You can either enter your own event in one of our qualifiers to qualify for the competition, or

enter a tournament of matches in which you play in 2 of the 4 qualifier tournaments.

For this purpose your opponents can be either online or offline and the tournaments can be done against all the world’s best

You will be notified when your rank has been updated.

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It happens to the best of us. Or, at the very least, to our spouse, who happens to be on the same trip.

Last week, a Canadian couple, who were traveling in Asia, accidentally crashed in Thailand’s Koh Phi Phi island. The couple found themselves stranded for more than two days without food or water. Eventually, they went to police, but in all the time since, they haven’t received a penny, nor been allowed to return to Canada to claim their stuff. This just happened to involve a vehicle.

The Bangkok Post, via The Guardian, is reporting that the couple “lost everything” in their rental car after the accident, which occurred last Friday near Bangkok. “All those things I took to and from work that were supposed to be in my car—a laptop, two laptops, an iPad and another iPad—were in the truck. That’s how much I lost,” the man told The Guardian. The wife said, in part:

“It just happened when we were at the airport. Nothing we couldn’t take care of without losing all of it and all the things we needed so badly because of the accident.”

It’s not entirely clear from the report if the driver was hurt—or, if so, how serious the injuries were. One