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Many, many people make a lot of money trading stocks. If the stock you’re interested in is one of the most popular, there may be a lot of them trying to pick up stock positions in that stock. Some even trade actively themselves, and the market moves a fair bit when they trade. There’s also some other activities that a lot of people engage in, including a healthy dose of gambling, which can make it worthwhile to be a stock trader.

Stock trading is not a bad way to make some extra money on your resume. If you decide you want to study finance full time at an SEC registered institution, it may make sense to take a course in stock market investing. If this is something you’ve always been interested in doing, the process of getting accredited can be done through your employer. It’s unlikely the process will involve additional work or extra costs for you, but it’s definitely not cheap.

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I’ve talked about the differences between a real job and a job as stock trader a number of times. I feel like my point is more valid now that I think about it again. There really aren’t any differences between the two, because it’s all about making an investment in the stock market as a real business.

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