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There are many different types of stocks available and a lot of different uses for these stocks, the following list is a good starting place for a stock recommendation. If you know someone who is planning on using one of these stocks, a few comments on this list may be of some help. Remember, the same factors that make each stock good as a “swing” stock can also make it terrible as a “stake stock”, be careful, as there are cases where this can be very beneficial. A stock recommendation from a knowledgeable expert can be a useful tool for investors as well as the market. You want them to use their trading knowledge to create an effective strategy based on market data, not just a stock recommendation from the internet.

What are common stock recommendations for a person who’s looking for some guidance in deciding which stock to trade?

A common stock recommendation for a person is “Valeant”, since VLT, or the Valeant Pharmaceuticals, has been under SEC scrutiny. They are trying to take advantage of the fact that the stock is down, and to hedge the risks of getting out of the market by having the company get its books audited and the results of these audited and published before any more investors realize they are going down. This strategy has worked for Valeant several times so far, but the recent SEC scrutiny will probably make them reconsider their strategy.

Most traditional recommendations that people make are made with stocks that are fairly small. For example, a stock recommendation from someone who is looking for a small stock to short, might be “Valeant”, unless they know a lot about the company and it makes sense to hedge on the loss of Valeant. Another common stock recommendation is to buy “Valeant” on Amazon. This stock is being heavily traded and if you buy the stock, you are paying attention to the growth potential that the stock currently holds, and the fact that you are one of thousands of investors who have bought into Valeant Pharmaceuticals, and are already in it.

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You should also think about whether you are making money on the strategy you are using. I have read some comments on a stock recommendation thread, and one person who recommended it was making a profit of about 25 percent (from an initial investment of under $1,500) immediately. Another person who was the same strategy investor said that he was making an average profit of 2,6 percent a month, and he made 3,12 percent a year. This seems to be pretty safe advice

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